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    portable plc panels( carts)

    we work with carton erectors (abc, wayne,esp, and pierson)
    and one of the issues we face is vibration and heat damage!

    I suggested creating portable plc/slc control carts.
    a panel mounted on portable carts with plc/slc, cooling equipment , and interface cabling,
    these devices would be wired to standard connections making switching carts out fast and easy.
    all you would need to do is swap out the defective cart, upload the program and go!
    then return the defective cart to the shop for testing and repair

    it would not be difficult to do this with our machines but the idea was shot down anyway by our engineer (because it wasn't his idea)

    having those plc/slc and other sensitive electronics on a portable cart would protect them from the vibration and heat generated by the equipment
    and if all the equipment is standard connected your portable cabinets are not restricted to just one piece of equipment.
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    I tried to visualize your application. Maybe a good wireless either Zigbee or WIFI could be used in conjunction with the units.
    Have the controller separate from the output area. There are remote I/O units available already with WIFI or ZigBee.
    WIFI http://www.icpdas-usa.com/search-res...rchproduct=wf-
    ZigBee http://www.icpdas-usa.com/search-res...rchproduct=zt-


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